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 VBSD FAC's misson is to promote arts  education for the students of the Van  Buren  School District by providing a  safe, technically proficient  venue. It  shall also serve as a  resource for the  community at  large and contribute to  the cultural vitality of the city of Van  Buren and its surrounding  areas.
Feed The Hungry Concert Bruce Park Ministries (18:00@FAC)
VBSD Jazz Band Concert (5/1@FAC)
VBHS Band Spring Concert (5/2@FAC)
Mid Level FBLA Spring Conference (5/3@FAC)
Van Buren Leadercast 2017 (5/5@FAC)
Northridge Band Spring Concerty (5/8@FAC)
Northridge Choir Musical  (5/11@FAC)
Western ARkansas Ballet Rehearsal (5/12@FAC)
Western Arkansas Ballet Spring Dance Concert (5/13@FAC)
VBHS Baccalaoureate Service (5/14@FAC)
Butterfield Trail Band Spring Concert (5/15@FAC)
Rena Kindergarten Graduation Rehearsal (5/22@FAC)
Van Buren Adult Education Graduation (5/22@FAC)
Little Blessings Rehearsal (5/23@FAC)
Tate Rehearsal (5/23@FAC)
Suzuki String Class Recital Rehearsal (5/23@FAC)
King Rehearsal  (5/23@FAC)
Tate Kindergarten Graduation (5/24@FAC)
Central Rehearsal (5/24@FAC)
Rena Kindergarten Graduation (5/24@FAC)
Central Kindergarten Graduation (5/25@FAC)
Suzuki String Class Spring Celebration Recital (5/25@FAC)
King Kindergarten Graduation (5/25@FAC)
Chance 2 Dance Rehearsal (6/2@FAC)
Chance 2 Dance Recital (6/3@FAC)
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